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Shed Pal As Seen On TV is the incredible cordless pet vac that vacuums to collect pet hair while you groom.
  • Collects Pet Hair While You Groom
  • Easy to Use and Pet Preffered
  • No Harsh Wire Bristles


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Product description

Shed Pal is a best handheld vacuum for pet hair that is intelligently designed with very gentle yet strong suction power for a quick and mess-free grooming experience for your pets.

Unlike traditional pet hair remover tools that come with painful wire bristles, our handheld vacuum for pet hair features massage nubs and gentle suction that effortlessly removes shedding, tangles, knots, dander, and dirt, without hurting your fur baby which makes it perfect for both short and long-haired pets.

shed pal
Comfortable Grooming at Home

Take the grooming matter into your hands. Using this dog and cat hair remover, you can easily remove your cat/dog’s hair on your own at home while they sit comfortably with you.

Safe and Easy to Use

Combining the functionality of a combing brush and a vacuum, this pet hair vacuum is intelligently designed keeping your pet’s comfort and safety as priority.

Portable and Battery Operated

Shed Pal is extremely lightweight and compact in size, which makes it perfect for carrying on the go.

Ergonomic Design and Premium Quality Material

Made of high-grade materials, this handheld vacuum for pet hair is sturdy, durable and built to last for years to come. With a cordless design and comfortable grip, it comfortably fits into your hand for easy handling during the use.

The easiest solution to groom your pets and keep their hair off your clothes, furniture and floor!

Incredible cordless pet vac that vacuums to collect pet hair while you groom. The mess free way to control shedding.

Clean up pet hair, before it gets everywhere!

Shedding Season? Say Goodbye to Furry Frustrations with the Shed Pal!

Ah, the joys of pet ownership. Cuddles, companionship, unconditional love... and mountains of fur tumbleweeds rolling across your living room floor. If you're a pet parent battling the never-ending blizzard of shedding, you know the struggle is real.

Lint rollers become your constant companions, furniture transforms into fuzzy forests, and the vacuum cleaner gets a workout that would make Rocky Balboa jealous.

Fear not, fur-ocious friends! There's a weapon in the arsenal against the follicular foes: the Shed Pal.

This innovative pet hair remover promises to be your knight in shining armor, banishing tumbleweeds and restoring order to your once-pristine domain. But does it live up to the hype? We put the Shed Pal to the test, digging into its features, effectiveness, and overall paw-formance.

The Shed Pal itself is a sleek, handheld device that feels comfortable in your grip. It's lightweight and cordless, making it easy to maneuver during even the most vigorous grooming sessions. The U-shaped brush head features soft, silicone nubs that massage your furry friend while gently detangling and removing loose hair. No more harsh bristles or snags – just blissful brushing bliss.

Suction Power: From Whispers to Whooshes

The built-in vacuum is the real star of the show. With adjustable suction power, you can choose between a gentle whisper for sensitive souls or a fur-nado for full-blown shedding onslaughts. The collected hair gets sucked into a detachable canister, making emptying a breeze (and thankfully mess-free!).

Overall Verdict: A Fur-bulous Investment?

If you're constantly battling the blizzard of pet hair, the Shed Pal is definitely worth considering. It's gentle, effective for most coat types, and makes grooming a breeze (and dare we say, enjoyable!)

4 reviews for Shed Pal

  1. Jane

    Great little device, works like described. My dog loves it

  2. Sarah

    Life-changing! My husky sheds like a blizzard, but the Shed Pal is my winter wonderland warrior. No more tumbleweeds, just smooth pup and a happy me!

  3. Alice

    It works great for my short-haired pup, but I wish the suction was a bit stronger for reaching deeper into my long-haired cat’s undercoat.

  4. Emily

    My cat finally enjoys brushing! The gentle massage and silent suction make grooming purrfect for her sensitive soul. Plus, the furniture is fur-free!

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